School Spruce Up

Classroom With Desk

Over the last year with the help of ECRAD supporters and visitors from ECRAD Scotland the Primary School buildings have begun a bit of spruce up.

The bare walls have been painted, doors and window spruced up but not only that Desks have appeared in most of the classrooms.

The desks especially making an incredible difference compared to sitting on the floor.

This has improved the learning environment greatly and enjoyed by pupils and teachers.

School Desks for Zioya Primary School

School Buildings
School Buildings

Zioya Primary School sits on the Ecrad site along with Orphan Care Centre.

The primary school consists of 3 buildings with 10 teachers and up to 600 children including 100 orphans.

Classrooms at Zioya Primary School are a simple affair.

Open space, no desks, little paper, a blackboard and lots of children.

School Classroom
School Classroom

With no chairs or desks, the only option is to sit on the dusty floor.

School Classroom
School Classroom

Ecrad supports the education program by supplying 2 of the teachers, running water and toilet facilities.

The Ecrad site also provide a safe place to play games such as football and netball.

The teaching staff are desperate for desks to further improve the education capability and during a visit by ECRAD Scotland in 2013 asked if Ecrad could help to make this happen.

A wooden desk is estimated to cost £25 and and a target for Ecrad this year is to raise £2,500 for 100 desks to be built locally.