Food – But not for eating

Cash Crops - Pigeon Peas - March 2016

The ECRAD Farm is a lifeline and important part of building a sustainable future.

The crops that are grown, such as Maize, are used in the daily feeding program but with 3 crops a year they do take some effort to grow. The seeds need to be purchased and fertilizer is needed regularly to produce a bumper crop.

Not all the food can be prepared on-site. The Maize has to be sent away to be milled before it can used for food.

To help support this food program cash is generated from the sale of excess maize, the sale of animals or the sale of crops grown specifically to be sold.

The images ( March 2016 ) show Pigeon Peas being grown on the ECRAD farm , which will be used as a Cash Crop.

Cash Crops - Pigeon Peas - March 2016Cash Crops - Pigeon Peas - March 2016 2







Below are some older images showing the use of Maize in a porridge which is the staple meal

Bowls of rice ready for serving

Pigs have been raised to be sold


Other Cash Crops have been tried in the past.
Picture on the left may be potatoes but may be something totally different and the second picture shows the first attempt at Strawberries.

Cash Crop - UnknownCash Crop - Strawberries

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