ECRAD is a Scottish Charity which works together with ECRAD Malawi to implement a programme of improvements to alleviate the suffering and deprivation brought about by the HIV/Aids virus. Since HIV was discovered in the early 1980’s the majority of those dying are young adults with young families. The orphan children in the villages have insufficient food and care, resulting in high mortality rate. ECRAD funds the daily feeding programme of one nutritious meal for 400 orphans at the Zioya Orphan Centre, Ntcheu, Malawi.

By donating to the work of ECRAD you will be helping to meet the basic daily needs of the orphans at Zioya and building a sustainable future for them through education.

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ECRAD Community School

Education is one of the foundation objectives of ECRAD to provide equal opportunity for the local children to receive a quality education and increase their options for a positive future.

This objective took on greater importance in 2017 as ECRAD took on the responsibility for the local primary school.



Exam Results

The ECRAD Community school attained very good results in year 2018/2019 Primary School Leavers Certificate examination and was ranked the #1 school in the Ntcheu district with an 89% pass rate. 

Congratulations to the teachers , staff and pupils for these results that reflect the hard work put in by all this year and demonstrate a marked improvement in the schools performance.

The 17 pupils who passed now have the opportunity to attend Secondary school. 

At Secondary level, 16 students completed their final year, with 7 achieving University entrance standard, 4 for private colleges and 5 for technical skills training.

The 4 years of Secondary education is not free and is only made possible by generous financial support which in 2018 supported 42 children.

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Providing a safe place to cook and eat was a key objective for ECRAD. A temporary building had been in place for several years, serving both as Nursery and Dining Hall, before it was destroyed in storms at the end of 2015. Creating a permanent dining building had been a passion for Derek Wood, lead of ECRAD Scotland. With Dereks passing in early 2016 the project to create Dereks Diner was formed. Follow the story here …

Dereks Diner


Singing in the New School Year


Thank you Laxdale Primary

Laxdale Primary Fundraisers

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