Lets Build A Kitchen – Dereks Diner

Donate to ECRADThe 2016 storms have taken its toll on the ECRAD site and surrounding area. Both the nursery and the temporary kitchen have been completely blown away leaving just the foundations and cooking area.

Derek Wood for the last year or so had been focussing on the need to provide a modern and efficient kitchen. This would meet all required hygiene standards and use less resources ( wood ) in its use.

The nursery building was meant to be a temporary structure but lasted for several years in its roll as a classroom and dining room. The building having been completely destroyed in a storm a few weeks ago has brought the need for a more robust permanent home for both the kitchen and a place to feed everyone.

Enjoying Lunch in the now destroyed nursery
Enjoying Lunch in the now destroyed nursery

As a legacy to the life and witness of Derek Wood and his passion for the people of Malawi we want to raise funds to build a robust kitchen and dining area. We are calling it “Derek’s Diner” and looking to get a team together to help us with construction. Please donate to this cause. We hope to raise £15000 with all excess funds will go to rebuilding of the nursery, repairs and the ongoing feeding and support of the orphans.

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