Malawi Floods Appeal

It is over a week since the Malawi President declared a state of emergency over a third of the country, caused by severe flooding as a month’s rain fell in 24 hours. Now the need is greater still. Heavy rains continue as people take stock of the loss and destruction caused by the flooding and hurricane winds.

176 people have been reported dead, many more are missing, and 200,000 have lost their homes. The attached photos give a little indication of their plight, the third photo along shows a lady standing where her house once was. These photos are shown with permission from the Edinburgh Medical Mission Society,( EMMS) to whom we are grateful.

In the south, the city of Blantyre has suffered severe damage with artery roads and bridges destroyed, electricity pylons down and bore wells contaminated.

Fortunately , the Ecrad Orphan Care and Primary school has been spared any serious damage, but Malison tells me the access road from the town of Ntcheu is impassable , even with his 4×4 Nissan.

Villages in Malison’s Constituency have been decimated. School and Church buildings have been severely damaged , 180 homes I understand have been left uninhabitable, Gardens with Maize seeds laid recently have been washed away. There will be a real food shortage in Malawi later this year.

If you are able to donate to the Ecrad Flood Relief fund, we will make sure that all donations are directed to the areas of greatest need.
Ecrad is a ‘relief’ Charity as well as providing Orphan care. You can donate via the Ecrad Home Page ( or ) or email Derek Wood or Ronnie Copeland and we will guide you on how best to donate. Ronnie will be able to apply gift aid on most donations. We have already sent £1000 from our funds, which was used mainly to purchase basic food and drinking water.

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