Sues Thoughts on the Run Ahead

Why are you running for ECRAD?

I was introduced to ECRAD through Sandy and Debbie and I was moved by the work that was happening in this village through all the team involved with ECRAD. It eventually became a no-brainer to raise funds and share this work with a wider audience.

Why THE West Highland Way and Great Glen Way?

Both the WWH and GGW are amazing places of natural beauty that can’t be experienced by road. They are trails away from vehicles and built up areas.

Have you done this before?

I ran the West Highland Way race in 25 hours and have also completed at least 10 ultras. But I haven’t attempted consecutive ultras up and down undulating hills over a 6 day period.

How have you prepared for this?

Believe it or not I have been preparing for this adventure since last year when the team went out to Malawi from Scotland ( See :

It has involved months of building up the distance over weekends to a peak of 50 miles when possible. Weekdays training involves getting up at 5.30 am, often with my trusted training running buddy, Seona. There used to be 5 of us calling ourselves “Early Birds”.

Anything you are not looking forward to?

In any endurance efforts there will be tough spells and it is having the strength of mind to push through these inevitable spells. The weather can be variable, a headwind will make it much harder.

What are you most looking for ward to?

I love this kind of running, every section is completely different. Having a support team behind me and with me all the way will be special. Some, I have known and ran with for years, so we have a deep bond having experienced low and high moments together and others who have joined me in this training journey who have been an absolute joy to run with.

Also, its not a race!

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