Developing a sustainable program  is essential to a long term solution.

Food Program
The core contributor to the food program is Maize. ECRAD has a 3 acre site on which to develop 3 harvests per year. The aim is to grow enough to feed the ECRAD orphans and to have some left over to sell to fund the next harvest.

Pigs and Chickens have been added to the Food program in 2013.  Both with the aim of providing an income as well as eggs from the chickens.

Education Program
ECRAD has a strong educational element to look after children as they grow up and progress through school.

ECRAD sponsors 3 teachers within the Nursery school as well as supporting 32 orphan children at Secondary School by paying their fees.
There is much more that can be done to feed more and support more.

Football Program
Football is very much the favourite sport in Malawi. ECRAD has an under-twelve team and also supports an older team involving boys from the local villages. This program offers the opportunity to minister to the needs of growing and older teenagers and to address topics such as HIV/AIDS directly to them in the “God Spot” after training sessions.

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