Dereks Diner

Dereks Diner
Dereks Diner - February 2018

The Story of Dereks Diner

Dinner at ECRAD - Outside

A key aim of ECRAD has been to care for the Orphan children of the local community through education and providing a basic but often essential meal every day.

Food preparation has taken place in a traditional outside kitchen with dinner often served outside.

A temporary building was created several years ago to serve both as nursery and dining place.

Nursery Before Storm

The children received their daily meal in here up until the building was destroyed at the end of 2015.

Nursery After Storm

After the storm.

Providing a safe and efficient building to support the orphan feeding program had been a passion for Derek, the lead of ECRAD in Scotland, up until his passing in January 2016.

Through the generosity of ECRAD supporters and those that knew Derek, donations were received that would enable “Dereks Diner” to be built to provide a more permanent space for dining and more.

Clearing the land

The Diner was to built at Zioya and would be large enough for dining, providing some office space and helping to facilitate easier food preparation.

Blueprint of Dereks Diner

In April 2017, the work to build Dereks Diner commenced with the clearing of the land.

Building the Walls

By the next month, May, the concrete slab was in place.

Thousands of bricks had been made and dried ready for the construction phase.

The walls began to grow and the scale of the building could begin to be seen.

Once a few final courses of bricks were added the building was just about ready to be roofed.

The Roof

The roof took a while but by September 2017 it began to take shape.

A working party in October 2017 had the opportunity to lend a hand.

Plenty of fun but hard work that week.

By the time the working party had to leave the wooden structure was completed and the sheet metal roof was securely in place.

Dereks Diner was taking shape.

The Seats

Whilst the building was not fully complete it was good enough to be used.

Up to this point, sitting on the floor was the only option.

With the support of donations from a youth group in Scotland, chairs were able to be provided for the first time.

For the children, dinner time is getting better.

In Memory of Derek

In memory of Derek and his passion for the children and community at Zioya, a plaque had been provided by his LifeGroup from his home church in Bishopbriggs. 

The Windows, More Seats and FooD, FOOD, FOOD

February 2018

Dereks Diner has just been fitted with Windows and Doors – not quite complete with glass yet!

Whilst there are still finishing touches to be applied internally, the diner is in full swing.

The food is now able to be prepared cleanly and efficiently. 
There is space to store supplies.

With the arrival of more chairs the children have a cool, dry place to sit and have their daily meal.

Dereks Diner is doing great.