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Every penny we receive in donations goes to the work of ECRAD in Malawi ( excluding Fees to process your donation through )

For every £5 donated, ECRAD will receive £6.25 if Gift Aid applies.

What your donation will do

£6 can provide for one child

Month of Daily Meals

Each day ECRAD seeks to provide a daily nutritious meal to over 400 orphaned children.

£15 - £35 can provide

50kg bag of Maize/BEANS

To supplement what is produced by the farm, 250 additional bags of Maize (£15) and Beans(£35) are purchased each year to maintain the daily meal provision.

£150 to £200 can cover


Essential medical care is covered by ECRAD whether that be a sticking plaster, medicine or doctors bills

£5 can provide

school essentials

There are many things needed to keep the school running each year.

A box of pens , a box of chalk, a flip chart, note pad and many more.

£68 can provide for one child


To give children the best opportunity in life a number of boys and girls are sponsored to go to secondary school.

This helps to keep them in education for longer and give them greater options for what they go on to do in life.

£120 can provide monthly pay for

1 Primary Teacher

Primary education is free to children in Malawi. 

ECRAD supports 16 primary teachers in the primary school with a roll of 700+ children.

£1.80 can purchase


To provide long term sustainability for both food and income, a large Chicken population is part of making that possible.

Chickens provide food to ECRAD, reducing reliance on buying food in. 

Chickens are also be sold into the local community and markets providing regular income.

Chicken manure helps to fertalise crops grown on the ECRAD farm 

£45 can provide


Only a few of the School classrooms have desks that the students can use. 

Desks are necessary to raise the quality of the educational setting for our students and enable students to work much more effectively than sitting on the floor.


To make a one-off or a regular donation please head over to our page at where you can donate anonymously