2015 New Crop Planting – After the rain

The ECRAD Farm has emerged from the recent floods in good health.

The solar powered irrigation system has helped the farm to deal with the drought and floods that have hit Malawi hard over the last 9 months.

Most of the ECRAD Farm is now under crop with new planting taking place in March/April.

Some very good work has been undertaken by the ECRAD farm workers to tend to the crops and maintain the ECRAD feeding program.  Hard manual work but very worthwhile.

Though the children could not travel to school and were not being fed at school,  the maize was able to be distributed to them in their homes.


57 (1077 x 606) 54 (1077 x 606) 55 (1077 x 606) 58 (1077 x 606) 62 (1077 x 606)



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