Thank You to all Mothers

It’s mothers day in the UK today.
Thank you to all those around the world who love and care for the children of the world and provide everything that a child needs from a mother.

This is Victoria. She is 87 years old and she keeps three orphans who come to ecrad. Two boys, Jimmy and Failodi and a girl Martha. ECRAD visited Kantema village this week to give some bags of flour to feed herself and the orphans under her charge.


Below is pictured Gerald,  Ausborn and Beauty.

Gerald’s Father died before he was born and his mother died when he was one week old from complications arising from childbirth. Gerald was brought to Malison and Eliza a day after the burial of his mother and has been in their care ever since.

Beauty and Ausborn lost their Father and Mother to HIV Aids. They had no one to care for them. Malison and Eliza continue to care  for them as part of their family.


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